Stocking up for Winter

Come October and the voles are stocking up the larder for winter. A favourite for this are yellow flag seed pods. When stored in underground burrows I guess they last really well, the outer skin protecting the multiple seeds inside. I had noticed that whenever a vole would find an intact pod they always take it underground whereas a split pod would sometimes be eaten straight away. The yellow flag in the corner of the walled area had produced a nice crop of seeds high up in the plant. I knew the voles would get them eventually as they fell off but I wanted to photograph the process, so I lowered one of the bunches to just within reach.  The breeding female from this territory, once she found them, took every one back to her main burrow under the wall. And she did this all in one operation and didn’t stop until she knew she had the lot, coming back a couple of times to check there were none left.